Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cloppa Castle - Episode Five: Caught in a Jam

Caught in a Jam
Since the invention of the Bruda Banger, the soldiers at Cloppa Castle have not had to pull the Queen around in her chariot. As a result of this and little action from the Hasbeenes, the men of the fort have grown a little fat and lazy. The Queen is appalled by this and goes to see Cue-ee-dee. He is busy making a new oil purifier machine. She asks him to do something about the men and he uses them to power the machine, hence getting them exercise. The new machine produces different grades of oil for different purposes.
The guards are getting lazy and fat complains the Queen - pot calling kettle black here me thinks
So much work to be attended to
Cue-ee-dee has created a new oil processing machine
Elbow tries to impress the Queen by showing the men shackled to the machine. Just as things are going well, the Hasbeenes attack and Elbow cannot find the keys for the cuffs. The Queen calls for Mudlin and orders him to find a spell to release the men. He thinks he has come with a solution but alas all that happens is a new pipe appears on the machine. It suddenly starts producing jam puffs which explode. These are then used against the Hasbeenes which although stops them to begin with, the jam attracts bees which eventually sees them off the castle assault.
The machine requires two guards to power it and no court jester
Osmosis sounds the alarm as Beosweyne and the Hasbeenes approach
The Hasbeenes are covered in jam puffs - exploding jam puffs

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