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The Beatles 1964 Package Tour

Back in 1964 the Fab Four embarked on a package tour which covered most of the UK.
The tour was from October to November of that year and accompanying the Beatles as part of the tour were, Mary Wells, Tommy Quickly, The Remo Four, Sounds Incorporated, Michael Haslam, The Rusticks with Bob Bain as the show's compere. The shows as you can imagine were sell-outs!

Dates & Venues

October 1964

09 - Bradford (Gaumont)
10 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
11 - Birmingham (Odeon)
13 - Wigan (ABC)
14 - Manchester (ABC)
15 - Stockton (Globe)
16 - Hull (ABC)
19 - Edinburgh (ABC)
20 - Dundee (Caird Hall)
21 - Glasgow (Odeon)
22 - Leeds (Odeon)
23 - Kilburn (Gaumont State)
24 - Waltrhamst5ow (Granada)
25 - Brighton (Hippodrome)
28 - Exeter (ABC)
29 - Plymouth (ABC)
30 - Bournemouth (Gaumont)
31 - Ipswich (Gaumont)

November 1964

01 - Finsbury park (Astoria)
02 - Belfast (King's Hall)
04 - Luton (Ritz)
05 - Nottingham (Odeon)
06 - Southampton (Gaumont)
07 - Cardiff (Capitol)
08 - Liverpool (Empire)
09 - Sheffield (City Hall)
10 - Bristol (Colston Hall)

The Carry On Legacy - Carry on Cleo: 1964

Although designed as a send-up of the historical epics that proliferated throughout the 1960s, Carry On Cleo more directly parodies the notoriously extravagant Hollywood blockbuster Cleopatra (UK/US, 1963). But the decision to lampoon this particular movie was made partly for practical reasons. Its star Elizabeth Taylor had originally insisted that Cleopatra be shot in the UK. However, after enormous delays the production relocated to Italy, leaving behind many unused costumes, props and sets in storage at Pinewood Studios, home of the Carry On films.

Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cleo

The film wittily contrasts the splendour of Ancient Rome with the prehistoric Britons dwelling in caves, with Kenneth Connor cast as Hengist Pod, inventor of the square wheel. In one of the film's most inspired sequences, Pod and his neighbour Horsa (played by Jim Dale) are captured and taken to Rome to be sold at a slave market run by the family firm, Marcus et Spencius. Splitting the focus between the honourable slaves and the dissolute Romans was a ploy derived from Quo Vadis (US, 1951) and Ben Hur (US, 1959), but also recalls the hit 1963 West End comedy A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, in which Frankie Howerd played a slave in ancient Rome and in which Connor was still appearing during the filming.

Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cleo
Although this is the Carry On film in which Sid James first comes to the fore, Amanda Barrie sparkles as a coquettish Cleopatra, while Kenneth Williams is a very eccentric Julius Caesar. Williams and James' regular greeting - "Tony!", "Julie!" - is priceless, while Talbot Rothwell's script is replete with cod schoolboy Latin (one of the best has Sid James deliver an exasperated "Blimus!"), a plethora of puns and ingratiatingly daft lines. Particularly effective is the deadpan narration delivered by E.V.H. Emmett, known for thirty years as the voice of the Gaumont Britishnewsreel.

Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cleo
Carry On CleoCarry On Cleo



Published by


Volume 32, No.373, February 1965, page 24


In ancient Britain, square-wheel-maker Hengist Pod is among those captured by the Roman forces of Mark Antony and taken to Rome where he is sold in the slave market. He and his friend Horsa manage to escape and find refuge in a temple where they are welcomed with open arms by the sex-starved Vestal Virgins. Sought by troops, Horsa does mighty deeds with his sword before making his escape. Left behind, the weak-kneed Pod is thought to be the valiant warrior who has saved the life of Caesar, and the latter promptly appoints him his bodyguard. Thus Pod becomes the fear of all - except Mark Antony, who guesses the truth. Caesar sends Mark Antony to Alexandria with instructions to dispose of Cleopatra and instal Ptolemy on the throne of Egypt. But Cleo and Mark hit it off so well together that Mark disposes of Ptolemy instead and, returning to Rome, induces Caesar to visit Cleo with the intention of assassinating him. The conspiracy collapses in unexpected but lively fashion, with Pod once again getting credit where no credit is due. Hengist Pod is able to return with his friend Horsa to Britain where (thanks to a love philtre which was the property of Cleo) his shrewish wife finds him a completely changed man.

"Based on an idea by William Shakespeare", runs the legend immediately following the script credit, which suggests a level of wit never quite reached by this latest and pictorially most ambitious of the "Carry On" series. In fact the film is funny in the usual bludgeoning manner which has made the series so popular: the punning aspects of, for instance, slave auctioneer Marcus and his business partner Spencius, the lavatory jokes and the occasional blue line that one wonders if the censor noticed. Most of the players have their moments, although these are perhaps too few for some old stalwarts like Joan Sims. Amanda Barrie, however, as a comically suburban Cleo makes a worthy addition to the team.

The Monthly Film Bulletin was published by the British Film Institute between 1934 and 1991. Initially aimed at distributors and exhibitors as well as filmgoers, it carried reviews and details of all UK film releases. In 1991, the Bulletin was absorbed by Sight and Sound magazine.

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When Abba were Knowing Me, Knowing You!

Abba,Knowing Me Knowing You,UK,Deleted,7
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" was recorded in 1976 at the Metronome studio in Stockholm and released in February 1977, becoming one of the group's most successful singles. The B Side was "Happy Hawaii", an arrangement of another ABBA song, "Why Did It Have to Be Me?", but with a different lead vocalist and lyrics. "Knowing Me, Knowing You" was one of the first ABBA songs to deal with the break-up of a relationship, though with an upbeat quality to the music. It predates the divorces of the ABBA members, as well as further break-up songs to come: "The Winner Takes It All", "One of Us" and "When All Is said and Done". Group member Benny Andersson named "Knowing Me, Knowing You" as one of ABBA's best recordings in a 2004 interview, along with "Dancing Queen", "The Winner Takes It All" and "When I Kissed The Teacher". Conociéndome, Conociéndote is the Spanish language version of the song. It was included in the compilation Oro: Grandes Exitos released in 1993.

"Knowing Me, Knowing You" was another single from the successful "Arrival" album. It hit number one in West Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland, while reaching the top three in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It was also a top ten hit in Australia, France, New Zealand, and Norway. In the United States, it became ABBA's sixth top twenty single, peaking at number 14.

In Britain, "Knowing Me, Knowing You" began a second run of three consecutive chart-topping singles for ABBA (followed by "The Name of the Game" and "Take A Chance on Me"), the group having already had three consecutive number ones in 1976. It was ABBA's sixth consecutive number one single in Germany.

"Knowing Me, Knowing You"
Single by Abba
from the album Arrival
B-Side"Happy Hawaii"
Released14 February 1977
Format7" single
Recorded23 March 1976 at Metronome Studio
LabelPolar Music
Writer (s)Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson,Bjorn Ulvaeus
ProducerBenny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
CertificationGold (UK)
ABBA singles chronology
"That's Me"
"Knowing Me, Knowing You"
"King Kong Song"

Historic Beatles pics up for sale

Photographs of The Beatles' first ever US concert are going up for sale.

Two days after their momentous US debut in 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show, the Fab Four boarded a train from New York for Washington, DC, for their first US concert. An enterprising 18-year-old Mike Mitchell was there, a press pass in hand, shooting photographs just feet away and even jumping onto the stage for the group's brief pre-concert press call.

Forty-seven years later, Mike has made 50 silver gelatin prints from his negatives of the event and the Beatles' September 3, 1964, performance at the Baltimore Civic Centre. He is offering them for sale at Christie's New York auction house on July 20. The total pre-sale estimate is 100,000 US dollars; the images will be sold individually.

"It was a long time ago. Things weren't that way then," the 65-year-old said. "It was as low-tech as the concert itself. The concert was in a sports venue and the sound system was the sound system of a sports venue."

The batch of prints, showing the Beatles in their early signature mop hair, suit and ties, also will have a nearly invisible "secret moniker" that will not be used for any other of his images.

The photographs will be displayed at Christie's London galleries on June 11-12, and then at several other London venues before being shown July 11-20 at Christie's New York prior to the auction.

Waiting till Father Gets Home!

The Boyle family home

Jamie and Alice collide

Chet crashes the car


Harry handing out hard earned cash

Harry coming home

"I love my Mum and Dad and my brothers too,

and the groovy way we get along"

"Everytime the slightest little thing goes wrong

Mum starts to sing this familiar song"

"Wait 'till your father gets, until your father gets

Wait 'till your father gets home"

"Dad's not so bad and he seldom gets mad

And we aren't about to desert him"

"Kids today like to have their own way

And what Daddy doesn't know won't hurt him"

"I think my Mum's just swell but she starts to yell

Everytime we have a fight"

"Just...wait 'till your father gets,

until your father gets

Wait 'till your father gets home!"

Wait 'Till your Father Gets Home was a thirty minute animation shown in the early - late 1970s. Originally made in 1972 this animated sitcom was way ahead of the likes of the Simpsons and Married With Children. It focused around a house in Elm Street owned by the Boyle family, Harry the father, Irma the mother, Alice the teenage daughter, Chet the teenage son and Jamie the youngest son, oh and not forgetting the Boyle family dog. Harry worked long hours and was the major bread winner in the family. Irma took care of the housework and the family whilst the kids were typical kids. Alice was constantly trying one diet after another - sometimes several diets all at once. Chet was a dreamer (nicest way of putting it). Jamie was clever and cunning and was never short of money.

Harry Boyle

Irma Boyle

Alice Boyle

Chet Boyle

Jamie Boyle


Claude the  hippy

The Boyle family lived in a large house in Elm Street and were neighbours with Ralph. Ralph was the leader of the Elm Street local company 'B' vigilante group. He saw communism from Russian and Red China everywhere. Anything that stood for love and peace was a threat to "the American way of life." (Those were Ralph's words). Poor Harry had to deal with his neighbours as well as all the trouble with his growing kids. It was a time when kids began to think and act for themselves and Harry and Irma (mostly Harry though) often had problems dealing with this. I think there were four seasons of this animated sitcom lasting a total of 48 episodes.

Gene Pitney - 1964 UK Tour

Gene Pitney,1964 UK Tour - Autographed,UK,Deleted,TOUR PROGRAMME,372595

This programme dates back to 1964 for the Gene Pitney 1964 UK Tour (Original 1964 UK 8" x 10½" 16-page programme for a package tour co-promoted by Brian Epstein and headlined by Gerry And The Pacemakers, with support artists Gene Pitney, The Kinks, Marianne Faithfull, Bobby Shafto and the Mike Cotton Sound, featuring photographs and biographies of the performers plus advertisements for some of their current releases and Record Mirror magazine.

Gene Pitney,1964 UK Tour - Autographed,UK,Deleted,TOUR PROGRAMME,372595

Sixties singer Kathy Kirby dies

Kathy Kirby,Best Of Kathy Kirby,UK,Deleted,LP RECORD,456424

Singing star and pin-up Kathy Kirby, who achieved a run of hits in the 1960s, has died at the age of 72.

Her family said she died last night after a short illness. The blonde bombshell - whose biggest and best-known hit was Secret Love - also represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, coming second to Luxembourg.

When her chart days were behind her, she then appeared in a number of TV variety shows. But she went on to withdraw from the public eye. A statement released on behalf of her family said the singer "died suddenly last night after a short illness". "She will be greatly missed by her family and her many friends who have stood loyal over the years."

Kathy - whose niece Sarah is married to Sir Mark Thatcher - was one of the biggest stars of her day. She had two top tens and three others in the top 40, which helped her to land her own TV series.

Born in Ilford, Essex, her career was guided by bandleader Bert Ambrose who took her on the club circuit before agreeing a deal with Decca Records.

She appeared on the huge US TV programme The Ed Sullivan Show and was courted by Hollywood movie producers.

Kathy, who lived in west London, made her last major public singing appearance in the early 1980s on a TV special.

Sweets for my Sweet - The Searchers (1963)

The Searchers,Sweets For My Sweet,UK,Promo,Deleted,7

"Sweets for My Sweet" is a song written by the songwriting team of Doc Pomus and Port Schuman, originally recorded by The Drifters. The group's first single featuring Charlie Thomas on lead vocal, "Sweets for My Sweet" reached No16 (No10 R&B) in October 1961. This was one of the few post-1958 Drifters singles that did not feature a String section. It also featured four female backup vocalists, all of whom would later have hit records, Cissy Houston, Doris Troy, Dionne Warwick, and Dee Dee Warwick.

In 1963, "Sweets for My Sweet" became the debut single for Merseybeat band The Searchers, reaching number one on the UK Single Chart for two weeks that August. The Searchers' version was also issued in the US in the spring of 1964 but failed to chart.

"Sweets for My Sweet" was also remade in 1966 by Don and the Goodtimes - a sunshine pop band led by Don Galucci formerly of the Kingsmen - and in 1967 by Chicago area Garage Band the Riddles. In 1968 Cashman Pistilli & West remade "Sweets for My Sweet" under the name Central Park West.

"Sweets for My Sweet" was a 1969 single for The Sweet Inspirations serving as the title cut for their 1969 album cut at Muscle Schoals Sound Studio with Tom Dowd producing.

However the only US remake of "Sweets for My Sweet" to reach the Hot 100 or any Billboardchart to date is that by Tony Orlando which reached No54 (No20A/C) in 1979.

Preceded by
"(You're the) Devil in Disguise" by Elvis Presley
UK Singles Chart Number - One Single
(The Searchers version)

8 August 1963
Succeeded by
"Bad to Me" by Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas

Cilla Black (Sher-oo) 1968

Cilla Black,Sher-oo!,UK,Deleted,LP RECORD,294372
Sher-oo! is the title of Cilla Black's third solo studio album released on April 6, 1968 by Parlophone Records. Just like her previous albums, the record did well in terms of sales and chart performance. The album reached No7 on the UK Album Chart.

The lead single for the album project was Step Inside Love, this reached No8 on the UK Singles Chart - an Italian language version of this song (M'Innamoro) was also recorded for the Latin market. Step Inside Love was notably used as the opening theme tune to seasons 1-4 of Cilla's BBC TV variety show "Cilla".

Cilla Black,Sher-oo!,UK,Deleted,LP RECORD,294372

On September 7, 2009, EMI Records release a special edition of the album exclusively to digital download. This re-issue features all of the album's original recordings plus rare bonus tracks (all have been digitally re-mastered by Abbey Road Studios from the original ¼" master tapes). A digital booklet containing original album artwork, an interview with Cilla, detailed track information and rare photographs will be available from iTunes with purchases of the entire album re-issue.

  1. What The World Needs Now Is Love
    (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
  2. Suddenly You Love Me (Uno Tranquillo)
    (Daniele Pace/Mario Panzeri/Laurenzo Pilat/Peter Callander)
  3. This Is The First Time
    (Doug Flett/Guy Fletcher)
  4. Follow The Path Of The Stars
    (Joe Smith/Mick Gallagher/Graham Bell)
  5. Misty Roses
    (Tim Hardin)
  6. Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
    (Barett Strong/Roger Penzabene/Cornelius Grant)
  7. Yo Yo
    (Joe South)
  8. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
    (Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook)
  9. Step Inside Love
    [Opening theme for series 1-4 of the BBC TV show ‘Cilla’]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  10. A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
    [from the film 'Un Homme Et Une Femme']
    (Francis Lai/Pierre Barouh/Jerry Keller)
  11. I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You
    (Bobby Willis/Clive Westlake)
  12. Follow Me
    (Paddy Roberts)

Bonus Tracks on the 2009 Digital Download Re-issue:

  1. All My Love (Solo Tu)
    (Federico Monti Arduini/Peter Callander)
  2. Step Inside Love [Original Demo - Mono Mix]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  3. Step Inside Love [First Take]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  4. M'innamoro [Mono Mix]
    (Step Inside Love - Italian Version)

    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Giulio "Mogol" Rapet