Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year - Abba (1980)

As we reach 2012 I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you continue to enjoy my posts on Ado's Blog.

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The song Happy New Year was probably the closest ABBA as a group ever came to a Christmas record. But over the years the individual members have made quite a few forays into the Christmas market. In this feature, we take a look at Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida’s musical season celebrations over the years.

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"Happy New Year" is a popular song by Swedish pop group ABBA from their 1980 album Super Trouper. The song's working title was all the more festive and humorous; "Daddy Don't Get Drunk on Christmas Day". Although recorded in 1980, the English-language song wasn't released as a single until 1999 and charted in Sweden (No27), The Netherlands(No15) and Germany (No78) to promote the CD re-release of many of ABBA's singles.

"Felicidad" was the Spanish language version of the song. The single charted in the top 5 in Argentina. The song was also included on the South American versions of the Super Trouper album. Released in 1980 in Argentina, the single's B-Side was the album's title track, "Super Trouper".

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"Felicidad" was first released on CD as part of the 1994 Polydor U.S. compilation Mas Abba Oro, and in 1999 on the expanded re-release of ABBA Oro: Grande Exitos.

In 2008, it was released again in several countries, and charted in Denmark (No25), Norway (No11), and Sweden (No4). It re-entered the Sweden and Norway charts in 2009 at No5 in both charts and reached the Dutch Top 10 in 2011.

In Vietnam, this song is still popular and played very often during new year holidays

Classic Corrie: The Rovers is Robbed (1975)

It's back to the good old days of Coronation Street before it became too shite and the programme deteriorated beyond belief! Back in 1975 Annie Walker found herself with visitors, unexpected visitors to say the least. After hiding themselves in the toilets after time was called, Les Grimes and Neil Foxall are intent of nicking from the Rovers. After finding nothing of value in the Living Room the pair go upstairs to Annie Walker's bedroom.
Annie refuses to tell the pair where the money is and a battle of nerves with Neil begins. Albert Tatlock notices that the lights are on and informs Len Fairclough & Ray Langton that there may be something wrong at the Rovers. Neil calls Annie a liar and refuses to believe that there is no money kept at the Rovers. The pair make there escape but are intercepted by Len & Ray and a battle of fists ensues.
Annie tells Len that she is worried the Brewery might think she is vulnerable and falls down the stairs knocking herself unconscious.