Saturday, 10 December 2011

By George, it's Mildred! The Christmas TV Times (1977)

When I was nowt more than just knee high to the proverbial Grass hopper back in the good old 1970s, the thing I looked forward to apart from Christmas itself, were the Christmas editions of the TV & Radio Times. TV really was was TV back in those days, none of your EastEnders or Corrie bollocks cluttering up the schedules with their far fetched, over the top dismal servings of dead turkeys mascarading as plots! Just plain good old fashioned Christmas TV! Gracing this cover from 1977, arh, yes, those were the days! Were Brian Murphy & Yootha Joyce alias George & Mildred Roper along with Harry Secombe.


  1. ..and Bonnie Langford who played Violet Elizabeth in the TV series 'Just William'. She was famous for saying in her lispy voice "I'm going to squeam and squeam and squeam until I'm sthick!" Thanks for this site, loving it!

  2. Glad you're enjoying the site. You are always welcome!