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Christmas Radio Times (December 1968)

The cover from the 1968 Christmas edition of The Radio Times... Some of the legendary stars gracing the cover include, Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd, Lulu, Benny Hill, Leslie Crowther and Cilla Black.

Cloppa Castle - Episode Six: A State of Emergency

A State of Emergency
There is a crisis in the castle, in fact as we speak another crisis has appeared. Firstly there has been a series of thefts at the local castles and the King wants to ensure that nothing happens at his own castle. He has to attend a meeting on security with King Cedric the Depleted. The other crisis I spoke of comes in the form of a strike by the castle guards.
A meeting is called - a rather urgent one
The King is concerned about security
They have gone on strike and are having a lie in as protest. The guards want two pence a week increase in pay but the King is adamant that he will not pay them. Mudlin's attempt at producing a burglar alarm ends in failure (no surprises there). It is now up to Cue-ee-dee and albrite to solve the issue of security. The King eventually goes off to his security conference and a little quiet descends on the castle. Before he goes, however, he instructs Cue-ee-dee to make sure the security is vert tight.
All the guards are on strike
The King leaves for an urgent conference
Cue-ee-dee intends to make sure that even a mouse could not enter the castle without him knowing about it. A few days later, a strange shape is seen climbing the castle walls.
A black shadowy figure climbs over the castle walls
The burglar alarm instantly captures him and ties him up and sends him to the dungeon. It turns out to be the King who has returned to test the castle security. Eventually the King agrees that he has been a little hard of late and gives in to the guards demands for extra money. The condition attached though, is that they first remove all trace of that burglar alarm.
Who can the burglar be ?

Blondie: Sunday Girl (1979)

Blondie,Sunday Girl,UK,Deleted,12
"Sunday Girl" was the hit UK number-one single by Blondie, it remained in the No 1 position for three weeks in May 1979. It was Blondie's second UK number-one single after "Heart of Glass"; it was, however, never released as a single in the US.

The song was written by Chris Stein and was the fourth single to be taken from the album Parallel Lines in the UK and most other parts of the world. The French language version of the track was first released in the UK on the "Sunday Girl" 12" single; in France and the Netherlands, it was the B-side of the 7". For Blondie's first greatest hits album The Best of Blondie in 1981, producer Mike Chapman created a special mix which incorporated one verse sung in French. The bilingual version appears on the 2002 compilation Greatest Hits.
Blondie,Sunday Girl,UK,Deleted,7
The single had an unusual release in Australia, with some dispute among fans as to whether it reached No1 there or failed to chart. This is because of its initial release as the lead single from Parallel Lines, due to its being reminiscent of "In The Flesh", Blondie's first hit in Australia. "Sunday Girl" failed to chart, however, and was later re-released as a double A-Side with "Heart of Glass", on the back of its UK success. As a result, it was eclipsed by the disco track, and is rarely recognised as having charted in its own right.

Preceded by
"Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel
UK Number One Single
26 May 1979 - 9 June 1979
Succeeded by
"Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward

Christmas TV Times (December 1972)

This Christmas edition of the TV Times dates back to 1972 and gracing the cover are Jack Smethurst and Rudolph Walker from the classic, yet controversial sit-com, Love Thy Neighbour.

Joe 90 Top Secret (No 11)

Joe 90 Top Secret No. 11
Joe 90 Top Secret Magazine No 11 was published on March 29th 1969. Features are Agents' Fotofile (readers photographs) The B.I.G. R.A.T. Tells the story of The Busiest Airport in the World. Joe's Hobbies (The Story of Space Travel Told in Stamps No. 11, a competition to win 50 Corgi 1912 Rolls-Royce "Silver Ghosts") World Intelligence Network (Information and Jokes) Champions of Sport - Jack Nicklaus and the Great Britain Eleven No. 1 Goal Keeper - Gordon Banks. There was also a full-page advertisement for Mac's Car From Kelloggs Sugar Smacks:
Advert for Mac's Car