Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Coronation Street - The War Years

Back in September 2001 this novel, Coronation Street The War Years was published and told the story about our favourite Weatherfield characters during the war.
book cover of   Coronation Street: The War Years   by  Christine Green
In Coronation Street at War, it is September 1939 and sixteen-year-old Elsie Tanner walks into Coronation Street. Newly married, pregnant, and optimistic, she has little idea of the difficult times that lie ahead. But, within days, her husband has enlisted, leaving Elsie to face the neighbours alone: snotty Annie Walker, shy Esther Hayes, cocky Jim Todd and that sturdy upholder of moral values, Ena Sharples. With their menfolk posted overseas, the women of Coronation Street are forced to make do, braving the German bombs and supporting each other through the tragedies of war. In The Way to Victory the German bombing continues, the Yanks have been posted overseas and, for Elsie Tanner, the world seems to be a colourless place of dreary munitions work and the restrictions of rationing... But all this is about to change as the end of the war draw nearer. From the beginning of World War II in Coronation Street at War, and finally, as the end of the war approaches, The Way to Victory, this enthralling compendium takes readers back to a world of rationing, hardship and absent sweethearts. It is also the story of the enduring resilience of the plucky residents of Weatherfield. Coronation Street - The War Years is a compelling wartime saga that embraces all that the show's twenty million fans love about Coronation Street, beautifully packaged as a hardback gift edition.

Toy Story - Doctor Who and the Daleks.

Over the years there have been many toys made that have been associated with Doctor Who & his greatest enemy, the Daleks. Join with me as I take a gander back in time and view some of those Dalek toys - Exterminnnaaateee!

Codeg clockwork Dalek, MIB (1000)

Marx Dalek Construction Kit, MIMB,,

Herts Mouldings silver Dalek, (1005)

Marx Robot Action Dalek, NMIB (1054)

Optima Dalek school bag, 1965

The Dalek book

Bell Toys Dr Who & The Daleks Cuttamastic

Selcol 1965 Dr Who Nursery Dalek, MIB (1021)