Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cloppa Castle - Episode Six: A State of Emergency

A State of Emergency
There is a crisis in the castle, in fact as we speak another crisis has appeared. Firstly there has been a series of thefts at the local castles and the King wants to ensure that nothing happens at his own castle. He has to attend a meeting on security with King Cedric the Depleted. The other crisis I spoke of comes in the form of a strike by the castle guards.
A meeting is called - a rather urgent one
The King is concerned about security
They have gone on strike and are having a lie in as protest. The guards want two pence a week increase in pay but the King is adamant that he will not pay them. Mudlin's attempt at producing a burglar alarm ends in failure (no surprises there). It is now up to Cue-ee-dee and albrite to solve the issue of security. The King eventually goes off to his security conference and a little quiet descends on the castle. Before he goes, however, he instructs Cue-ee-dee to make sure the security is vert tight.
All the guards are on strike
The King leaves for an urgent conference
Cue-ee-dee intends to make sure that even a mouse could not enter the castle without him knowing about it. A few days later, a strange shape is seen climbing the castle walls.
A black shadowy figure climbs over the castle walls
The burglar alarm instantly captures him and ties him up and sends him to the dungeon. It turns out to be the King who has returned to test the castle security. Eventually the King agrees that he has been a little hard of late and gives in to the guards demands for extra money. The condition attached though, is that they first remove all trace of that burglar alarm.
Who can the burglar be ?

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