Thursday, 15 December 2011

Joe 90 Top Secret (No 11)

Joe 90 Top Secret No. 11
Joe 90 Top Secret Magazine No 11 was published on March 29th 1969. Features are Agents' Fotofile (readers photographs) The B.I.G. R.A.T. Tells the story of The Busiest Airport in the World. Joe's Hobbies (The Story of Space Travel Told in Stamps No. 11, a competition to win 50 Corgi 1912 Rolls-Royce "Silver Ghosts") World Intelligence Network (Information and Jokes) Champions of Sport - Jack Nicklaus and the Great Britain Eleven No. 1 Goal Keeper - Gordon Banks. There was also a full-page advertisement for Mac's Car From Kelloggs Sugar Smacks:
Advert for Mac's Car

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