Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Countdown: UFO (1971) Part Two - The Picture Strip: Part Two

The Alien survivor
Part 1: Issue 2 - 27th February 1971
SHADO Control Clerk Warren Spencer has leaked information about the organisation to a Reporter called Mason for the Clarion Newspaper. While Alec Freeman runs a security check, Straker tries to persuade the paper not to pursue the story. A UFO manages to evade interception by Moonbase to be shot down by Sky 1 over the sea. Fisherman Robin Johns, out in his one man launch in the mist, sees the crash and tying it to the reported story in The Clarion, is startled to see a red space suited body floating nearby!

Part 2: Issue 3 - 6th March 1971
Johns brings the Alien aboard and believes Mason will pay a fortune for the information. Sky 1 sees the launch in the mist and orders Johns to report to the harbour for questioning. En route though, Johns detours past past Robbicombe Cave and leaves the unconscious Alien there. Back at the harbour, Johns is questioned by Paul Foster and states he only saw the distant crash but once alone the Fisherman contacts Mason. Together, the two men return to the cave - but the Alien has gone!

UFO issue 4
Part 3: Issue 4 - 13th March 1971
Mason and Johns search but to little avail. Meanwhile, Skydiver has found the UFO on the sea-bed and a salvage vessel finds it to be empty. But the UFO starts to glow and the vessel barely manages to dump it back in to the sea before the crafty self-destructs. Mason has tracked Spencer home and blackmails the operative into getting him into SHADO HQ through automatic checkpoints. However, unknown to both, the Alien has followed them both and also got into the base.

Part 4: Issue 5 - 20th March 1971
Disguised as a SHADO operative, Mason explores the base. Meanwhile, Alec Freeman suspects Johns knew more than he was telling and questions him further. The Fisherman cracks and explains about the Alien and Mason's contact within SHADO. Freeman returns to HQ and warns Straker that Spencer is the traitor. However, Spencer has reasoned that Mason can keep blackmailing him and goes to confront him. What he finds instead is an armed Alien!

UFO issue 6
Part 5: Issue 6 - 27th March 1971
The Alien Kills Spencer and Straker and Foster find his body and the tell-tale burns of a ray weapon. The Commander issues an alert and all personnel respond to an assembly point for checking, except Mason who does bot recognise the call sign. Cornered by Straker, Mason responds he has a duty to the public. The Alien is nearby and sights Straker with his weapon, Mason sees it and impulsively leaps forward in warning. Mason is shot and the Alien killed. Later, both Johns and a recovering Mason are administered the amnesia drug which means Straker can not even thank him for saving his life.

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