Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Toy Story - The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man was not only a smash on TV but he was in short supply on the toy shelves as well. Now in 1976, they not only had to expand the original line but also had the good fortune of merchandising a spin off series, that being the "Bionic Woman."

The basic Steve Austin figure was a sell out smash in 1975

The Bionic Transport and Repair station was originally produced in 1975 and saw it's way under many Christmas trees.

Maskatron filled the need for a villain character for Steve Austin to fight (Montgomery Wards in 1975 recruited Mego to make Doctor Kromdome so Steve Austin had a baddie that season) Loosely based on an epsiode of Six Million Dollar Man, Maskatron was possibly one of the coolest action figures released in 1976. If his robotic parts weren't enough, you could make him look like Steve, Oscar (who had yet to get his own figure) or John Saxon!

The Mission Control Center was inflatable, most likely to keep costs down, it's difficult and downright expensive to produce playsets for 13" figures.

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