Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Eurovision Song Contest (On the Radio Times)

Yes folks, tonight is the night we have the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Personally speaking, I hate the fucking thing, but there you go, there for the grace of God! This is also an opportunity for me to continue with my Radio Times Front Cover obsession and see how the great magazine has covered the contest over the years.
Eurovision 1965
UK entrant Kathy Kirby came second in 1965 with the song 'I Belong.'

Eurovision 1967
Sandie Shaw became the first UK winner in 1967 with 'Puppet on a String.' The song was chosen by viewers from five sung by Sandie on The Rolf Harris Show.

Eurovision 1974
In 1974, RT pictured Eurovision veteran Cliff Richard alongside the UK's latest entrant, Olivia Newton-John.

Eurovision 1977
Angela Rippon made the cover of RT in 1977 as she presented Eurovision.

Eurovision 2004
In 2004, RT celebrated the 30th anniversary of Eurovision's biggest success story

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