Saturday, 14 May 2011

Action Man (Part Three) 2004 - GI JOE 40th Anniversary Figure

A 40th Anniversary Action Man was made available in 2004 which is very close to the original figure and includes Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Pilot.

The Anniversary box is a shoe-box style 2 piece box, the lid in full colour, and the tray a brown card, inside there is badges to apply to the figure, and a period style manual. In the picture opposite the original 1966 figure is to the left (value approx £45-£65), and the new reproduction figure (approx £15-£20).

The new figure is the closest thing yet to a reproduction of the original, only minor changes in production technology separate them. The new figure is well made well and has the feel of real durability - much better in fact than the departed 1994-2006 Action Man range! Standing a little taller, he has GI JOE dog tags 'by Hasbro' and "G.I.JOE™ ©2003 HASBRO, INC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MADE IN CHINA' is reverse embossed diagonally across his right buttock.

A range of Anniversary period accessory cards in the first issue style, has also been launched, again stating discreetly that is is 'ANNIVERSARY EDITION'. You should take care that you identify which is which when buying - a collector will have little difficulty differentiating the new from old. Both old and new figures are both very attractive purchases, but there is obviously a great price differential between the two!

2006 - Action Man 40th Anniversary Figure

Who said nostalgia isn't what it used to be? Life truly begins at 40, or so it seems. As Action Man once more goes AWOL from our toy stores, the original Action Man reappears for duty. This time he has been carefully aimed at the growing number of action figure collectors and is as authentic as you could possibly wish. Modellers Loft, a specialist model shop chain based in the south of England has gained the production rights to recreate the original Palitoy Action Man in his 1960's guise.

The key figures, uniforms and packaging have been painstakingly recreated and on launch cost £35.00 for a figure in its original cardboard box, and a uniform tray, packaged as an irresistible bundle. Also included in some bundles are items associated with a third accessory card, which thoughtfully have been included in the set. So this time around, you can buy Action Man, and have him kitted out in just one purchase. Other uniforms are set to follow in a number of phases.

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