Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cloppa Castle: Episode Three - The Bruda Banger

The Bruda Banger
Queen Ethelbruda is in her chariot but it is being pulled by two of the castle soldiers. As they get to the castle they are worn out and so the Queen demands they be replaced. Elbow goes to speak to the King as he is concerned that his men will be unfit to defend the castle against the Hasbeenes. Mudlin remembers a four legged animal that used to pull chariots but he does not know where to find one. He suggests that the Queen go and see Cue-ee-dee and get him to make a special machine to pull the chariot. Cue-ee-dee sets about the planning and construction of such a device. He works on into the night and all the noise keeps the castle residents awake. The noise is so bad that it keeps up the Hasbeenes as well. The leader Beosweyne is not very happy but goes off to investigate and the next morning he plans an attack on the castle. That very same morning, however, Cue-ee-dee as completed his task and presents his new chariot to the Queen. She is overjoyed and takes it out for a spin. The castle doors open just as the Hasbeenes charge with their battering ram. Well you can guess the outcome of this story.
The Queen has exhausted the men by having them pull her chariot Elbow pleads the case to the King
What's all this noise complains Beosweyne The next morning everyone is eager to see what has been the cause of so much noise in the night
Poor Beosweyne ends up on his head yet again Beosweyne looks on as the Queen dashes around in her new chariot

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