Sunday, 15 May 2011

Action Man - Part Four: Vintage Action Hero

Action Man British Infantryman (1980s)
2nd British Infantryman with tunic, trousers, webbing, helmet, wtaer bottle, bayonet, scabbard, boots and Carl Gustav anti-tank weapon and tripod.

Action Man German Paratrooper (1979)
From the "Internationals" very basic range of uniforms: German Paratrooper uniform consisted of smock, trousers, helmet and boots. Optional accessories shown are belt jumper and Schmeisser Sub Machine Gun.

Action Man RNLI Sea Rescue (1974)
R.N.L.I Sea Rescue: Oilskin jacket and trousers, trousers, woolen hat, life jacket, breeches buoy, black boots, Flare gun, Flashlight.

Action Man American Marine (Internationals)
The basic US Marine Corps uniform consisted of tunic, trousers, brown tall boots, and helmet. Accessories also shown (available separately) are Carbine, webbing, scarf and bayonet,.

Action Man Long Range Desert Group
Shirt, shorts, boots, puttees, socks, goggles, bandanna, arab headressplastic webbing, commando knife, water bottle, Thompson machine gun, grenades and entrenching tool.

Action Man Royal Hussar (1979)
Early figure shown wearing a 1979 Royal Hussars uniform including tunic, trousers, gold waist belt, sword, decorative cross belt and chain, pouch, cap, shoes and spurs.

Action Man Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (1970)
Scottish regimental uniform included tunic, kilt, sporran, hose, glengarry (cap), spats, bayonet and scabbard, black boots, SLR Rifle and belt.

Action Man Desert Fighter (1978)
Simple unform consisted of Australian bush hat, shorts and Thompson sub machine gun (no boots!)

Tom Stone (Action Man Team)
Tom Stone figure, member of the Action Man Team. With realistic hair, gripping hands, camouflage suit, beret, Black Boots and Heckler & Koch SMG

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