Friday, 22 April 2011

Waterloo - 1974

Waterloo was first released in Sweden on March 4th, 1974. Recording sessions began in
September 1973 and continued until February 1974.

Sessions for what was to become the Waterloo Album were well under way when Bjorn,
Benny and Stig Anderson were invited to submit an entry to the 1974 Eurovision Song
Contest. The song that they came up with was of course, Waterloo.

This second ABBA album was the first to really show the group has a unified entity - indeed,
it was the first album to be released under the new group name. Apart from Waterloo the
album spawned a hit in, Honey, Honey.

Side A
1. Waterloo
2. Sitting in a Palmtree
3. King Kong song
4. Hasta Manana
5. My Mama Said
6. Dance (While the music still goes on)

Side B
1. Honey Honey
2. Watch out
3. What about Livingstone
4. Gonna sing you my love song
5. Suzy-hang-around
6. Waterloo (English version)

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