Sunday, 3 June 2012

Corrie Criticised For Attacking Christianity on Easter Sunday (2009)

A Coronation street Easter special has drawn dozens of complaints to Ofcom after Ken Barlow accused the Christian faith of targeting
Back in 2009 Coronation Street caused an outcry when stalwart Ken Barlow was heard criticising Christianity to Grandson Simon. This is how the story was reported

Ken Barlow, played by Bill Roach, made a string of outbursts against Christianity. He also accused his grandson Simon's school of indoctrinating him to Christianity before vowing to tell the youngster "the truth" about religion.
"He is already being indoctrinated. I went to his assembly last week and they had paintings on the wall depicting creation. He is being taught creationism," he said.
ITV message boards have been inundated by viewers labelling the comments "completely unacceptable".
An ITV spokesperson said: "Coronation Street is a soap opera set in modern society and therefore represents views from all side of the religious spectrum.
"At the moment we have a very positive story involving Sophie Webster and her new found interest in religion, Emily Bishop has also always been seen as a very positive representation of Christianity. Likewise Ken Barlow's different views on religion have always been a strong aspect of his character".
One viewer called Johnandy posted the message: "It was utterly outrageous that Ken should make the outright attacks on the Christian faith which he did during Sunday's episode.
"Corrie has always, as far as I could tell, been absolutely neutral on the issue of religion/faith and I have to wonder where the Sophie-story is going.
"When it comes to atheistic/agnostic/humanist views being propounded in the pre-eminent soap opera in the UK, and on Easter Sunday to boot, that is completely unacceptable.
"In case it has escaped the minds of the writers, producers and directors of this extremely popular programme, in the last census over seventy per cent of respondents claimed to have some Christian adherence."
Another web user, by the name of charley26, added: "As an individual who has not watched Coronation Street for the last few years I was shocked to retune and find the programme portraying the Christian faith in such a derogatory manner
"For Ken Barlow of all people to disregard creationism in schools, which is probably the only time children are exposed to any form of religion at an early age, was uncalled for"
"Church is a comfort to many people and is an integral part of our British history.
"I was both shocked and appalled by what I was watching on TV, let alone on Coronation St and on Easter Sunday. "
Last week it was disclosed that the programme intends to portray a 'born-again Christian' character to embark on a lesbian affair in a bid to make the soap more reflective of modern Britain. Sophie Webster, a 16-year-old character, may begin the relationship with another girl from her Bible study group.

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