Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Toy Story - Doctor Who and the Daleks.

Over the years there have been many toys made that have been associated with Doctor Who & his greatest enemy, the Daleks. Join with me as I take a gander back in time and view some of those Dalek toys - Exterminnnaaateee!

Codeg clockwork Dalek, MIB (1000)

Marx Dalek Construction Kit, MIMB,,

Herts Mouldings silver Dalek, (1005)

Marx Robot Action Dalek, NMIB (1054)

Optima Dalek school bag, 1965

The Dalek book

Bell Toys Dr Who & The Daleks Cuttamastic

Selcol 1965 Dr Who Nursery Dalek, MIB (1021)

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