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Cilla Black (Sher-oo) 1968

Cilla Black,Sher-oo!,UK,Deleted,LP RECORD,294372
Sher-oo! is the title of Cilla Black's third solo studio album released on April 6, 1968 by Parlophone Records. Just like her previous albums, the record did well in terms of sales and chart performance. The album reached No7 on the UK Album Chart.

The lead single for the album project was Step Inside Love, this reached No8 on the UK Singles Chart - an Italian language version of this song (M'Innamoro) was also recorded for the Latin market. Step Inside Love was notably used as the opening theme tune to seasons 1-4 of Cilla's BBC TV variety show "Cilla".

Cilla Black,Sher-oo!,UK,Deleted,LP RECORD,294372

On September 7, 2009, EMI Records release a special edition of the album exclusively to digital download. This re-issue features all of the album's original recordings plus rare bonus tracks (all have been digitally re-mastered by Abbey Road Studios from the original ¼" master tapes). A digital booklet containing original album artwork, an interview with Cilla, detailed track information and rare photographs will be available from iTunes with purchases of the entire album re-issue.

  1. What The World Needs Now Is Love
    (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
  2. Suddenly You Love Me (Uno Tranquillo)
    (Daniele Pace/Mario Panzeri/Laurenzo Pilat/Peter Callander)
  3. This Is The First Time
    (Doug Flett/Guy Fletcher)
  4. Follow The Path Of The Stars
    (Joe Smith/Mick Gallagher/Graham Bell)
  5. Misty Roses
    (Tim Hardin)
  6. Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
    (Barett Strong/Roger Penzabene/Cornelius Grant)
  7. Yo Yo
    (Joe South)
  8. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
    (Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook)
  9. Step Inside Love
    [Opening theme for series 1-4 of the BBC TV show ‘Cilla’]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  10. A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
    [from the film 'Un Homme Et Une Femme']
    (Francis Lai/Pierre Barouh/Jerry Keller)
  11. I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You
    (Bobby Willis/Clive Westlake)
  12. Follow Me
    (Paddy Roberts)

Bonus Tracks on the 2009 Digital Download Re-issue:

  1. All My Love (Solo Tu)
    (Federico Monti Arduini/Peter Callander)
  2. Step Inside Love [Original Demo - Mono Mix]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  3. Step Inside Love [First Take]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  4. M'innamoro [Mono Mix]
    (Step Inside Love - Italian Version)

    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Giulio "Mogol" Rapet

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