Sunday, 4 December 2011

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - Episode Nineteen: A Sentimental Journey

A reluctant Jeff agrees to take a valuable item worth £10,000 from Glasgow to London on the overnight express. When the consignment turns out to be an attractive blond, Jeff initially concedes that the assignment is to his liking. However whilst on the train Randall becomes gradually suspicious that the girl was being held and is being traded although it seems curious to him that she appears to be very able to take care of herself. On the train Randall knows he is being watched and later that night the carriage of the girl is raided by one of the watchers. However it turns out that he is police officer sent to monitor them keeping in contact later.

Randall delivers the girl in return for a receipt but learns that one of the bosses henchmen is a traitor allowing the girl to escape, taking the receipt. Using Marty, he locates the girl in her London Hotel room as Randall becomes increasingly suspicious. Whilst there he is overpowered by her boyfriend who turns out to be the disloyal henchmen and he discovers that what he was really after was a stolen an extremely rare and valuable postage stamp which was masked in the receipt by a newer stamp.

The duo escape leaving Jeff unconscious, and are again tracked by the ghost Marty as they escape by car. However whilst in their car it turns out the pretty blonde also double-crosses her boyfriend, pretending there is a problem with the rear wheel. As he stops and checks, his supposed girlfriend leaves him in the lurch with the valuable postage stamp. Marty is able to give Jeff and the police the radio number and they contact her in the car but the runaway female thief leaves it off the hook as they keep ringing. In doing so, Marty is able to speak to Jeff by phone and tell them exactly where she is going. Eventually she attempts to leave the country at an airfield, and is stopped by the police as Marty blows away her plane as she attempts to enter it.


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