Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Coronation Street on This Is Your Life (Part One)

Over the years the cast of Coronation Street both past & present have been honoured with the Big Red Book on TV's This Is Your Life. Take a look back with me at some of the Corrie greats to have made the Big Red Book.

Patricia Phoenix: 15th November 1972
Patricia Phoenix was the very first resident to become a subject of This Is Your Life - surprised on the set of the soap, outside number 11 Coronation Street. Eamonn swapped places with her screen (and later real-life) husband Alan Browning while recording a scene, which also included Peter Adamson.

Jack Howarth: 20th November 1974

Jack Howarth was a reluctant subject, was surprised in the Rovers Return by Eamonn - “Yes, well I’m going home!” Jack’s guests included Thora Hird, Arthur Lowe and Johnnie Hamp.

Betty Driver: 11th February 1976

Betty was surprised at Euston Station by Eamonn disguised as a newspaper seller - “I didn’t recognise you with that awful hat on!” Guests on Betty’s show included Beryl Reid and Tony Britton.

Julie Goodyear: 22nd October 1980

Julie was also surprised at Euston Station by Eamonn, this time dressed as a waiter - “Is it going to be a series?” Violet Carson (Ena Sharples), too ill to travel to London for the show, sent Julie a telephone message.

Peter Adamson: 23rd December 1981

Peter was surprised in London’s Leicester Square by Eamonn disguised as Santa Claus - “You frightened the hell out of me!” Eamonn was assisted by Norman Vaughan, Windsor Davies and Melvyn Hayes, who Peter was about to appear with in pantomime.

Johnny Briggs: 26th January 1983

Eamonn enlisted the help of Pat Phoenix to surprise Johnny in the Punch & Judy pub in London’s Covent Garden. Johnny’s show included recorded tributes from Samantha Eggar and Dirk Bogarde.

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