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TV Action - The Protectors (Part Three)

TV Action 126
Houdini Whodunnit!
Part One: 4th August 1973
Suki is typing reports in Harry Rule's London office when she is disturbed by a tap on the door and a cloud of smoke reveals, 'Magnus the Magnificent, Master Magician' who wishes to hire their services. 50 years ago the Great Houdini was the only performer to escape from the 'Chinese Water Torture Chamber' but he took the secret of how with him to the grave - until now. Magnus wants Harry Rule to protect him until his performance that night as he has been threatened by a rival performer called, 'Mystic Chang.' Despite believing this, Harry thinks all of this could just be a publicity stunt. Harry & Suki escort Magnus to the empty and locked Gaiety Theatre where he will reveal some of his secrets, but Chang has arrived and uses a flock of his trained birds to distract the doorman and gain entry.
TV Action 126
Part Two: 11th August 1973
Magnus shows Harry and Suki Chang's 'message' - a parrot in a cage delivered that morning which warns, "Beware, Magnus - Houdini's secrets are not for you." Harry wants to find Chang first but Suki is still curious about how Magnus makes people disappear on stage and volunteers for a demonstration. Harry is aware of the trapdoor method, but when Suki falls on to a mattress in the cellar, Chang is waiting for her! Another trained bird delivers a ransom note to Harry & Magnus. Magnus takes Harry to Chang's flat in the East End, where they find Chang is waiting for them, with Suki hung upside down in a glass booth, about to undergo the Chinese Water Torture trick herself.

Part Three: 18th August 1973
Chang demands the secret from Magnus, with Suki only perhaps having just sixty seconds to live. Harry pulls out a gun to blast the glass but Magnus warns him the water pressure could explode the chamber like a bomb! With no choice, Magnus explains that Houdini used a special double chamber with mirrors, but Suki will drown before he can convince Chang. When Harry pleads that Chang can not murder Suki the Mystic seemingly relents and tossers him the key - but a special whistle brings one of his trained hawks to snatch it back! Magnus has a counter-trick and releases a rabbit, which the Hawk flies after. dropping the key. As Harry effects a rescue, Magnus stops Chang, however, the Suki in the chamber is just a clever dummy and Chang uses a whistle for ne last trick.....
Dutch Reprint - issue 27
Part Four: 25th August 1973
The real Suki is held in a large hanging cage with eagles trained to attack at Chang's signal. With no choice once again, Magnus writes out the secret - Chang exchanging the key to the cage for Harry's gun. Harry, Suki & Magnus make their exit as Chang discovers the secret was written in vanishing ink. The eagles are released in pursuit with Harry, Suki & Magnus heading for the docks & diving for cover in the river. The eagles return to Chang and the Mystic harnesses himself to the birds and they carry him over the river - but, too low as a boat knocks him into the water, only to be caught by Harry!T

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