Tuesday, 29 November 2011

TV Action - The Protectors (Part Four)

Joe 90 Masthead
TV Action - Holiday Special: 1973
The Hunter:
Harry & Paul overcome to armed guards and a Secret Police Chief to free Nadia Holstein and bring her back from behind the Iron Curtain. Picking them up in a helicopter, the Contessa takes them back to her Roman Villa, where Nadia is reunited with her Husband, Professor Franz Holstein, an electronics expert who has defected. Some months later,a lone man also escapes over the border and makes his way to the Contessa's villa, where he request asylum! He claims to be Rubowski, Holstein's one time assistant, Harry, however, is suspicious and sets up a public rendezvouz at a pavement cafe in Vienna. It is Holstein who reacts, almost throttling the man, who subsequently pulls a gun and takes the Professor & Contessa hostage. Wounding Paul & Chino, he makes the Contessa drive her Rolls as a getaway vehicle. As Harry borrows a Police bike and pursues, Rubowski is revealed as Zutler, the former head of Secret Police, disgraced since Frau Holstein's escape. As the Police pursue both, Harry makes a desperate bid to stop the car, hurling it over a hill into its path. His escape blocked, Zutler is overpowered by Harry and handed over to the Italian Police.
The Protectors Annual 1974

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