Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Second Doctor Who - Patrick Troughton

Ben and Poly with The Second Doctor inside the TARDIS.
Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills) try to cope with a newly-rejuvenated Doctor (Patrick Troughton), in this rehearsal shot from 'The Power of the Daleks'.
Front cover of the Radio Times for 5-11 November 1966, depicting daleks outside of a space rocket.
Patrick Troughton's debut appearance as the new Doctor Who goes almost unnoticed as the Daleks are the focus for 'Radio Times'. As this was the first time 'Doctor Who' had changed its lead actor, the emphasis for this edition of the magazine is very much business as usual. The half-page feature on page 3 reassures viewers that the serial is directed by the same man who brought the Daleks to the screen in their first adventure and that the metal monsters are, once again, voiced by Peter Hawkins. Patrick Troughton's debut is almost an aside.
Article about the Doctor Who adventure Power of the Daleks.

Radio Times listing for Power of the Daleks.

'Radio Times' Letters Page, 24 November 1966

The 'Radio Times' letters page receives a mixed reception to the new Doctor Who.

'Radio Times' letters page, 24 November, 1966

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