Saturday, 26 November 2011

Man about the House: Series One - Episode One - Three's a Crowd (1973)

Chrissy and Jo have a farewell party for their flatmate, who is moving out, now that she's engaged. The morning after the party, they find Robin in their bathtub, asleep. They need a new flatmate, and he needs a place to live, so it seems like a match made in heaven, and they invite him to move in. There's just one problem: Mr. and Mrs. Roper, the landlords, may not think that this idea is such a good one.
The morning after the farewell party for their former flatmate Eleanor, Chrissy and Jo find themselves in different conditions. Jo has enough energy to start cleaning the flat, Chrissy suffers from a massive hangover and some bad memories from the night before. Perhaps a bath can relax her. As she turns on the taps, the man sleeping in the tub wakes up abruptly, scaring the girls.
Robin Tripp was taken to the party by a friend and fell asleep in the bath. He officially introduces himself to the girls and wonders what to do in his drenched clothes. Chrissy offers to dry them, and he can wear her robe while he's waiting. He might even join them for breakfast. Downstairs George Roper, the landlord, and his wife Mildred discuss the noisy party of the night before. George intends to complain to the girls. When Mildred warns Chrissy and Jo, she meets Robin.
Robin is served a horrible breakfast and offers to make something edible instead. After all, he's just arrived from Southampton to attend cookery college. With different leftover he starts whipping up a fancy egg dish. Meanwhile Chrissy and Jo show Gabrielle around the flat, a girl who's interested in becoming their new flatmate. Unfortunately, George Roper bursts in, having heard about the man in the flat. He mistakes Gabrielle for a man, though when he pokes her chest, he realises he's wrong. A shocked Gabrielle decides not to live in a house with such an abusive landlord.
Robin serves the girls his breakfast and they are delighted with the result. When he explains that he hasn't found a place to stay in London yet, they offer him the vacant room in their flat. But how will the Ropers react? George and Mildred drop by again to apologise for George's behaviour, but then George sees Robin for the first time. He won't hear of a man staying with two single girls. Chrissy takes him aside for a moment, has a talk and eventually George agrees to let Robin stay. When Robin asks Chrissy how she convinced George to change his mind, she states that she told Roper that Robin was gay. With Robin wearing that frilly robe, the story made sense.

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