Thursday, 24 November 2011

Joe 90: Episode 2 - Hi-Jacked


"What's this? A badge........a transmitter, eh? They could almost be real."

Joe 90 tackles a dangerous gun-runner and smuggler and finds himself in dire peril

The World Intelligence Network decides that it's a mission for Joe when one of its agents is murdered whilst investigating a ruthless and dangerous gun-runner and smuggler named Colletti. The agent managed to record a message that Colletti will be hi-jacking a delivery of arms that very night.
WIN have to think of a way of gaining access to the Colletti hideout and Joe receives the brain pattern through BIG RAT, of one of WIN's top agents. Joe is placed in one of the crates in the consignment of armaments and finds himself taken to a remote barn which turns out to be the cover for Colletti's underground complex.
The alarm is raised when Joe walks through an unseen electric ray and is captured. In the battle, he loses his glasses and Colletti is more amused than worried when he discovers that the intruder is a nine year old boy. He simply laughs when Joe says he is a WIN agent and tells his men to take the boy home. Joe is locked in the boot of a car so that he won't have any idea where he is being taken from.
Colletti, on second thoughts decides that Joe knows too much and orders the men to dispose of him. He will be driven to a cliff edge and plunged to his death. Joe, however, uses his pocket transmitter to make contact with his Father. Professor McClaine and Sam Loover of the WIN organisation who tell him how to get out of the boot. Joe does so and leaves behind him a homing device that enables Sam and Mac to keep track of the car's movements and also able to trace the whereabouts of Colletti's complex.
Joe, making his way back to Colleti's office in search of his glasses, has a fierce fight with the crook and Joe is once again in deadly peril, until that is, Sam and Mac arrive!....

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