Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's A Knockout and the Radio Times (1966)

Radio Times Logo, 1971

Radio Times - the BBC's television and radio listings magazine - was a stoic supporter of It's A Knockout. From 1972, it awarded The Radio Times Trophy to the overall winning team at the end of each domestic series. In addition, it gave over space for features, illustrative material and even front covers to the series. .The material below is from various editions of the Radio Times dating back in 1966.

Radio Times article, Sunday 7th August 1966

(Above) Radio Times, 6th - 12th August 1966

Radio Times article, Sunday 4th September 1966
(Above) Radio Times, 3rd - 9th September 1966

Radio Times listing and Bruce Angrave illustration, Sunday 18th September 1966
(Above) Radio Times, 17th - 23rd September 1966

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