Thursday, 21 July 2011

Totally Tiswas! - The Dying Fly (1978)

Yes folks, I'm going Totally Tiswas again and taking a look back at the phenomena that was the Dying Fly!
Chris Tarrant reads out a letter from a viewer back in 1980 asking what on earth has happened to The Dying Fly?.......All of a sudden, chaos ensued in Studio 3 at ATV Centre and both adults and children would lay on their backs and participate in the manic, Dying fly. This chaos and pandemonium is what made the ultra, excellent Tiswas stand out from the prim & proper Swap Shop.
The Dying Fly was often featured on the great Tiswas. It was first introduced by Comedian Jasper Carrot when he appeared on the show back in 1978. The rest as they say is, History!

This is definitely what they wanted!

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