Friday, 8 July 2011

The Mr Men - Mr Tickle (1971)

Mr Tickle was the first Mr Men character invented by Roger Hargreaves back in 1971. Like all Mr Men, Mr Tickle has a simplistic look. He is orange with long arms and a small blue hat.

In 2001, for the 30th anniversary of the Mr Men, Mr Tickle's book was released as a collector's edition hardback. It included a foreword from Adam Hargreaves.

Mr Tickle's story stops and really begins with him in bed and making himself breakfast without getting up because of his "extraordinarily long arms". He then decides that it is a tickling sort of day and so goes around town tickling people - a teacher, a policeman, a greengrocer, a station guard, a doctor, a butcher and a postman. He tickles them inappropriately.

In the 2008 TV series Mr Tickle remains relatively the same in looks, though his hat has a stripe and his arms are normally sized, but can stretch out when needed. However, he tickles other Mr Men and Little Misses (due to the obvious absence of humans in Dillydale). As far as character traits go, he is still determined to tickle everyone he interacts with, but instead of doing it for mischief he does it to make people happy and will stop when nobody wants him to tickle them, save for when the opportunity knocks with Mr Grumpy, who appears to be his favorite target. He also gets his own catchphrase, "Somebody needs a tickle!" In the US and UK Versions, he is voiced by Jeff Stewart and Rob Rackstraw.

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