Friday, 15 July 2011

The Mr Men - Mr Greedy (1971)

Mr. Greedy is the second book in the Mr. Men series from 1971, by Roger Hargreaves. The story begins with Mr. Greedy waking up and having his overly large daily breakfast. He then goes on a walk afterwards and finds his way into a cave where everything is larger than life and he begins to explore, finding larger than normal food. Mr. Greedy is then picked up by a giant who then teaches him a lesson and makes him eat all the giant food, making Mr. Greedy end up bigger and feeling like he would burst at any moment. The giant agrees to let him go as long as he promises to never be greedy again. Mr. Greedy promises and then at the end he is still keeping the promise and now has lost some weight, and it shows him looking much thinner at the end.

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