Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Music Star (1973) Part Two

This edition of the mag dates back to 7th July 1973 and features, Brian Connolly, Jay Osmond, Marty Kristian, Merrill Osmond, Marc Bolan & Elvis Presley.

Donny Osmond appears on the cover from this 1973 edition. Among the posters were, David Cassidy, The Osmonds, Mick Flinn, Dave Hill & Marty Kristian. There were features on, Randy Jackson, John Denver, Slade, Gary Glitter & David Cassidy.

This edition was released on 1st September and among the posters were, David Cassidy, Michael Cassidy, Noddy Holder, Donny Osmond & Mick Jagger. There were features on, The Osmonds, Alice Cooper, Rick Springfield, Sweet & Noddy Holder.

The 8th September and stars featured include, David Essex, Brian Connolly, Jermaine Jackson, David Cassidy & Marty Kristian. Posters were of, Slade, The Osmonds, Gary Glitter & Junior Campbell.

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