Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cockleshell Bay: Episode Two - Names

The children are tired
Everyone is tired
Hello my dears (Mr Ships favourite line)
The Cockles are busy, busy, busy so busy in fact that they have given no thought to what they should call their guesthouse. After several suggestions everyone is left thinking. Robin and Rosie go and see Mr. Ship. He teaches them about the front and the back of a ship. He also introduces them to Fury the Donkey. He is called Fury because he is so gentle. Mr. Ship gives them each a bucket and spade which gives Rosie the idea of naming the guesthouse - "The Bucket and Spade." Mum and dad think this is a great name.
Fury the Donkey
Mr Ship gives Robin and Rosie each a bucket and spade
The perfect name for the guesthouse

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