Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cockleshell Bay: Episode Three - The Pirate Seagull

Mum is feeding Ben Gunn the seagull. Ben appears to have broken his wing at some point and so finds it difficult to fly. Mum and Dad then go inside as they have a lot of work to do. Ben vanishes as well and the children are left alone outside. Mr. Ship arrives (hello my dears" he says. He asks Mrs. Cockle if he can get a lift into town. She is going into town to do some shopping and so takes him with her.
Ben Gunn the Seagull
Rosie gets a fright
The children take some biscuits, let father know where they are going and then go into Mr. Ship's yard. They look for Fury and feed him. After playing for some time they decide to eat the remaining biscuits but to their surprise there are none left. After blaming each other the children find the real culprit - Ben Gunn.
Play Time in Mr Ship's Yard

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