Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cockleshell Bay: Episode One - A Fresh Start

Tough life being young
The Cockles have just moved to Cockleshell Bay. They have bought a house and plan to convert it into a guesthouse. Dad does not want to work aina factory and mum does not want to live in a town. Mum and Dad are busy inside removing rubbish and sorting out furniture. Robin and Rosie are outside but not sure what to do with themselves. Rosie is not sure of why they have had to move as she liked the old house.
Dad busy tidying

Mr Shipham's Boat
Mrs. (Gran Routy) comes round to help the Cockles. She is later employed to help Mum and Dad with the Guesthouse chores. The children also meet Mr. Shipham who insists they call him Mr. Ship.

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