Monday, 27 June 2011

Cockleshell Bay: Episode Five - Happy Birthday Gran Routy

The Cockles planing a birthday party
Time to go and play
Rosie has cake ingredients
The Cockles and Gran Routy are finishing off their coffee and tea. Mrs. Cockle then asks Gran if she would do the bedrooms as she wants to use the kitchen. Gran is a little puzzled as bedroom day is normally tomorrow but she goes and gets on with her work. It turns out that it is Gran's birthday and the Cockles plan a surprise. Mrs. Cockle is making a special birthday tea. The children go outside.
Baking a cake
Party Time
Happy Birthday Gran Routy
Rosie has a small bag with some ingredients in it. They head to Mr. Ship's yard. Mr. ship helps them but soon leaves as he has some shopping to do. Gran arrives at the party and brings a cake she had made just as Mrs. Cockle brings out the cake she made, just as Mr. Ship brings out the cake he went shopping for, just as the twins bring out the cake they had made.

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