Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cloppa Castle - Episode Four: A Champion for Tizzibel.

A Champion for Tizzibel
A contest for the hand of Princess Tizzibel is announced
Beosweyne and Hench over hear
The King is furious at how much Princess Tizzibel is costing him. He decides that she should be married off. A tournament of Knightly competitions is thus planned. Unbeknown to the Byegones, Beosweyne and his right hand man Hench, are planning to enter the tournament.
Knights will be scored using the following criteria
Let the contest begin with no biting, hair pulling or bad language
The masked Black knight is revealed to be Beosweyne himself
A mysterious black knight appears and defeats all who go up against him. He eventually wins the tournament and then to the horror of all watching, he reveals himself to be Beosweyne. He demands to be moved into the castle with his servant in order to go ahead with the wedding.
ceremony the next morning.
Cue-ee-dee and Albright try to frighten Beosweyne
Beosweyne is not afraid of any ghost
The morning of the marriage
Later that night, Cue-ee-dee and Orbright try to frighten him out of the castle but they are foiled when the bed collapses. The next morning, the wedding is almost complete when Cue-ee-dee and albrite save the day by showing up with Beosweyne's wife. She beats him about the head and escorts him out of the castle.

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