Friday, 3 June 2011

Classic ads - The 1957 Philco Portable TV

1957 Philco Portable TV #006851
The 1957 Philco Portable Television Set original vintage advertisement. With the exclusive Scan-Tenna, a 39 inch telescopic antenna that rotates and locates the strongest signal in seconds.

1957 Philco Seventeener TV #006739
The 1957 Philco Slender Seventeener Portable Television Set: original vintage advertisement. The most compact, powerful big screen table TV ever!

1957 Philco TV #007060
The 1957 Philco Seventeener Portable TV Set: original vintage advertisement. Takes up less than a square foot of space yet has a brilliant big 155 sq. inch picture screen.

1957 Philco Portable TV #014817
The 1957 Philco Portable TV: original vintage advertisement. One look and you too, will want to take home a Philco Slender Seventeener! With big 155 square inch picture, most slender of all, even the back is beautiful!

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