Monday, 20 June 2011

Baseball Magazine

Baseball Magazine was Founded in 1908, in the early days of professional baseball. Baseball magazine presented news, background stories, art, and trivia about America's national game.
Baseball 1932-07
This particular edition of Baseball is from 1932 and the cover shows a Baseman stretching out to make an important catch.

Baseball 1932-08
Another cover from 1932. Catcher in full stance, ready for the pitcher to send the ball his way. "The Passing of John McGraw," by F. Lane, "Fonseca Blasts a Fallacy," by D. Daniel, "Shoes," by D. Bancroft, "Winning Temperament," by E. Collins, "On the Spot," by W. Brandt, and "Revolutionizing Players," by H. Burr.

Baseball 1932-09
Yet another copy from 1932. Portrait of George Earnshaw. "Turning Points of the Pennant Races," by J. Gould, "Why Not Help the Tail-Enders?" by F. C. Lane, ""Speed Pitching," by G. Earnshaw, Constructive Trades," by C. Street, and "Filling Robbie's Shoes," by M. Carey.

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