Monday, 2 May 2011

Ray Winstone: "My gamble on Sweeney role!"

East London actor Ray Winstone fears that he could be setting himself up for a fall with the new film version of the 70s television classic The Sweeney.

The Sexy Beast star is set to play Jack Regan, the role played by the late, great, John Thaw, in the film adaptation which begins shooting this autumn. He told Sky News: "You think, 'why would you want to remake something that's so iconic?' and I thought about this for a while.

"Then I read the script and it really surprised me how good it was."

The recent remake of Arthur, which stars Russell Brand, has been panned by the critics and raised questions about whether the film industry should be doing remakes at all.

"I haven't seen Arthur yet, but we're going to put ourselves on the line with The Sweeney.

John Thaw And Dennis Waterman In Sweeney

(John Thaw & Dennis Waterman in the 70s Sweeney)

"We've got to do the job properly you know. And that's alright, I've had a fight before and this is another one," said Winstone.

The original cop-series about London's Flying Squad ran between 1975 and 1978 and was hugely popular.

He'll be joined on set by British rapper Plan B who's been cast as George Carter, the character originally played by Dennis Waterman.

"We've got Plan B. We haven't got two skinny boys running about with their hair all nice.

"You look at him - Plan B - he looks like he can come through a front door. He's a very intelligent kid and you know what, he can act!"

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