Thursday, 19 May 2011

Elvis Presley - Sails (1958)

Elvis Presley,Elvis Sails - Japan Edition,Europe,CD ALBUM,535429
It was 22nd September 1958 in Brooklyn, Elvis Presley had left the United States on the USS Randall on his way to West Germany where he performed his military service. This was documented by a press conference which has now become legendary. Excerpts from the press conference and two additional interviews were recorded just before he went on board and released as the EP 'Elvis Sails'.

The Original EP
1. Press Interview With Elvis Presley
2. Elvis Presley's Newsreel Interview
3. Paul Hernon Interviews Elvis In The Library Of The U.S.S. Randall At Sailing

The Press Meets Elvis
4. Highlights From The Press Conference

Press Conference Excerpts
5. About The Army Days
6. 25 Gold Records
7. German Language
8. From Forth Hood To Brooklyn
9. About His Fanclubs And Fanmail

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