Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cloppa Castle - Episode One: Spring Is Sprung

Cloppa Castle as it was

Breakfast has still not arrived and the Queen is most annoyed. She heads over to the kitchen to find that there is a problem with the oven and that Mudlin the Wizard has been unsuccessful at producing breakfast via magic. She heads off to find the castle inventor and only brains in the place, Cue -ee-dee. He is busy making a new weapon for the war against the Hasbeenes. The weapon appears to be working correctly as it promptly send him through the ceiling and out of the castle. Pretty soon it is time for battle and as usual the Hasbeenes are up to no good in the never ending attempt to take the castle and grab the oil. The battle commences with the Hasbeenes trying to break down the castle gates with a battering ram. Cue-ee-dee's machine saves the day by springing all the enemy soldiers out of the castle. Beosweyne makes his usual threat to take the castle as he flies backwards over the tree tops.

Cue-ee-dee and Albright are preparing a new kind of weapon

The jester is entertaining the court

They have a huge battering ram

Some one is throwing rose petals at the enemy - they all stop to have a look at who it is.

Prncess Tizzi is the culprit

The device is ready for use in the battle

The Hasbeenes are sent right back out of the castle

The Byegones have won the day - this time

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