Saturday, 28 May 2011

Action Man - Part Five: Vintage Action Man

And so my series on Action Man continues with Part Five. In Part Five I take look back at some of the vintage Action Man figures that have filled many a Christmas stocking!

Action Man Commandant (1974)
The Commandant uniform consisted of greatcoat, shirt, trousers, jackboots, belt, Luger pistol holster, cap, baton, map case and map and sub machine gun.

Action Man French Foreign Legion (1973)
The French Foreign. Legion uniform consists of greatcoat (sky blue at first, then more commonly dark blue) trousers, Kepi, boots, waist belt with pouches, cumberband, canteen, bayonet and scabbard, rifle.

Action Man Ski Patrol
Ski Patrol uniform consisted of white parka, white trousers, black boots, green goggles, white mittens, skis, ski poles and Equipment Manual. Shown here also wearing accessories in the form of camouflage pack, belt with pouches, snow shoes, M1 rifle (white) and helmet.

Action Man Talking Commander (1st Issue)

Talking Commander (1st issue): fatigue jacket (with medal ribbons and divisional flashes not shown), trousers, tall, black boots, black moulded beret with red shield badge, belt, black hoslter, Colt 45 Piostol.

Action Man Grenadier Guards.
Uniform consisted of: 'bearskin' hat, tunic (earlier shown that is heavier material than earlier, has more detail and more authentic blood red colour), navy trousers with red stripe, white belt with white frog, SLR Rifle with white strap, black scabbard, bayonet and lace up boots.

Action Man (British) Army Officer
Uniform consisted of: Cap with badge, jacket, shirt, tie, trousers, Sam Browne, rank stickers, baton, socks and shoes.

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