Monday, 9 May 2011

70s Retro - Popswop

The Popswop magazine was a must for mainly love struck teenage girls back in the seventies. The Popswop magazine had everything you could possibly want concerning the music scene of the day...Michael Jackson, David Cassidy, The Bay City Rollers, etc. The list as they say is endless!...
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The 1974 Popswop Annual

Michael Jackson - Popswop Magazine [United Kingdom] (27 October 1973)
Michael Jackson. October 1973

Michael Jackson - Popswop Magazine [United Kingdom] (11 August 1973)
Michael Jackson. August 1973

Michael Jackson - Popswop Magazine [United Kingdom] (24 February 1973)
Michael Jackson. February 1973

Abba,Reocrd Popswop Mirror - December 1974,UK,Deleted,MAGAZINE,493405
ABBA Reocrd Popswop Mirror - December 1974 (1974 UK 20-page newspaper-style music magazine - a great festive issue of the weekly magazine, issued on December 28th, 1974, and includes a brilliant interview with the Swedish pop-quartet, plus a brilliant feature on Roy Wood and Wizzrd. Bay City Rollers cover).

Elton John,Record & Popswop Mirror,UK,Deleted,MAGAZINE,497999
This particular copy dates back to 1975


  1. Funny the date of you posting because I was just thinking today "whatever happened to...?" listening to T Rex and remembering buying this down the corner shop. I used to save the David Cassidy posters to give to my 7 year old girl friends!

  2. AH!! the golden age of bubble gum, glitter/glam rock. When , despite the dire financial situation and the 3 day week we hadn't forgotten how to have fun!!
    To read mags like Popswop, Music Star & It's here and now, To listen to the Sweet, T.rex, Slade, Wizzard and Mud or watch them on T.O.T.P. To pull on your flares, tank top and platforms and dream long hot summers and owning that Mk.1 Ford Capri.....!! THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!